Constraining the climatology of CO2 ocean surface flux

A recently developed tool, FluxEngine, created within the ESA funded (SOLAS related) OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases project, creates an opportunity to create an ensemble of regional CO2 flux climatologies for the North Atlantic and Arctic waters using multiple combinations of forcing fields and gas transfer velocity parameterizations.

The aim of the study is to provide constraints on the regional monthly averages for the chosen area for the whole "climatology ensemble". This approach is similar to the one used by IPCC for the whole model ensemble used for modeling of the climate. Doing a regional study provides an additional test of the parameterizations because the local flux averages may differ even for parameterizations giving similar global averages.

The study is done within the ESA funded OceanFlux Evolution project and at the same time is part of a PhD thesis of Iwona Wróbel funded by Centre of Polar Studies "POLAR-KNOW" (a project of the Polish Ministry of Science).