OceanFlux data

Several relevant datasets have been collected from various sources for OceanFlux project. They have been processed in order to provide consistent and homogeneous composite files, on the same grid and temporal resolution, as well as multi-year climatologies.

All these input and processed datasets are available on OceanFlux FTP repository, at ftp://eftp.ifremer.fr

Some of these datasets are restricted to project partners for reasons related to the original provider distribution policy. Therefore the access to the FTP site is protected : any user interested in the datasets shall send a request to CERSAT help desk (fpaf@ifremer.fr) in order to get a login and password. The visible datasets once logged will depend on the user status within the project. External users will not see any of the restricted datasets.

Monthly composite datasets

This is the list of monthly composite files generated from the daily input data, over a global 1°x1° resolution grid and the 2007-2010 period, as referenced in table 3 of OceanFlux Technical Specification. Some of the required datasets already existing in monthly averages, in which case they were only re-sampled to the OceanFlux grid.

All these data can be found on OceanFlux FTP repository, in the following folder : oceanflux/composites/