Oceanflux Greenhouse Gases Evolution is an initiative funded by ESA/STSE, the project team consists in companies from the UK, France and Poland.

The Oceanflux Greenhouse Gases Evolution project is funded by the European Space Agency through its Support to Science Element (STSE) program.


University of Exeter
Lead : Dr Jamie Shutler

Jamie Shutler

University of Exeter
Co-I: Prof. Andrew Watson

Heriot Watt University
Co-I: Dr David Woolf


David Woolf

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)
Co-I: Dr Phil Nightingale

Institut Français de Recherches pour l’Exploitation de la MER (IFREMER)
Co-I: Dr Bertrand Chapron

Bertrand Chapron

North Highland College Environment Research Institute (NHC-ERI)
Co-I: Dr Lonneke Goddijn-Murphy

Institute of Oceanography (Iopan)
Co-I: Dr Jacek Piskozub