Session 5 : Multiple simultaneously measured gases I

Butler J : Challenges in evaluating the influence of the ocean on atmospheric composition   application/pdf Butler_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Yang M. : Air-Sea Fluxes of CO2 and CH4 from the Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory  application/pdf Yang_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Kock A. : MEMENTO, the marine N2O and CH4 database: towards a new estimate of global CH4 and N2O emissions  application/pdf Kock_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 6 : Multiple simultaneously measured gases II

Rutgersson A. : Air-sea gas transfer velocity for gases of different solubility (CO2, O2, H2O and CH4)   application/pdf Rutgersson_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016


Session 7 : Physical controls on exchange - slicks, vertical water structure, motion, spray and heat

Wissink J. : Effect of surface contamination on isotropic-turbulence-driven interfacial gas transfer   application/pdf Wissink_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Bentamy A. : Towards improved estimate of turbulent heat flux over Global Oceans  application/pdf Bentamy_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Soloviev A. : Spatially-coherent organized motion in the upper ocean turbulent boundary layer: Langmuir circulation and ramp-like structures   application/pdf Soloviev_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Sims R. : Effects of near surface ocean gradients upon air/sea gas exchange estimate  application/pdf Sims_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Breivik O. : White cap measurements and parameterizations based on the dissipation source term   application/pdf Breivik_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 8 : posters session

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