Session 13 : High winds

Ardhuin F. : Numerical wave modelling today & tomorrow   application/pdf Ardhuin_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Reul N. : A new generation of extreme wind speed measurements from space borne L- and C-band passive radiometers   application/pdf Reul_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Krall K. : Investigating the mechanisms of air-sea gas exchange at hurricane wind speeds in wind/wave tunnel experiments   application/pdf Krall_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 14 : Wave breaking and high winds

Troitskaya Y. : Sea spray production by bag-breakup mode of fragmentation of the air-water interface at strong and hurricane wind   application/pdf Troitskaya_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Ortiz-Suslow D. : The distribution of sea spray spume particles above actively breaking wind-waves in the laboratory  application/pdf Ortiz-Suslow_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016