Session 1 : Updates from International initiatives

Ward, B.: Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS): Air-sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy

Johannessen T. : ICOS Ocean Thematic Center a tool to secure long term funding for ocean carbon system observation systems    application/pdf Johannessen_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Bakker D. : The Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) enables quantification of the ocean carbon sink and ocean acidification   application/pdf Bakker_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Shutler J.: The ESA OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases Evolution projectapplication/pdf Shutler_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 2 : Regional processes in time and space

Bell T. : DMS emissions from coral exposed to air   application/pdf Bell_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Schlunegger S. : Strengthening trade winds and an enhanced Equatorial Pacific carbon source   application/pdf Schlunegger_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Ribas Ribas M. : Filling the gap of in situ CO2 fluxes during low wind conditions   application/pdf Ribas-Ribas_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Shutler J. : The other CO2 problem from a different angle: Studying Ocean Acidification using satellite Earth observation   application/pdf Shutler_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016_2

Session 3 : Resolving differences and exploiting linkages between regional and global air-sea exchange

Ho D. : Are open-ocean wind speed/gas exchange parameterizations applicable to coastal and inland waters?

Klein A. : On the fetch dependency of air-water gas exchange  application/pdf Klein_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Woolf D. : The importance and challenges of regional scale analyses   application/pdf Woolf_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Boutin J. : Hourly to decadal variability of sea surface carbon parameters in the north western Mediterranean Sea  application/pdf Boutin_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Wanninkhof R. : The effect of changing wind speeds on global air-sea CO2 fluxes  application/pdf Wanninkhof_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Roedenbeck C. : Constraining sea-air CO2 fluxes from surface-ocean carbon data   application/pdf Roedenbeck_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 4 :  Posters session

see posters here