Session 9 : Novel measurements, techniques and datasets

Donlon C. : Copernicus and the Sentinels – New advances, satellite sensors and opportunities    application/pdf Donlon_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Haus B. : Passive optical Measurement of very near-surface currents   application/pdf Haus_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Matei A. : The relationship of deep plumes with wave parameters and breaking waves   application/pdf Matei_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Marié L. : Eddy-Correlation fluxes measurements using the OCARINA autonomous platform during the BBWAVES 2015 cruise   application/pdf Marie_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 10 : Beyond proxies for parameterising gas exchange

Goddijn-Murphy L. : The retrieval of air-sea gas transfer velocity from space using the hybrid model   application/pdf Goddijn-Murphy_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Rascle N. : Horizontal distribution of air-sea exchange parameters inferred from satellite images of sea surface roughness  application/pdf Rascle_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 11 : High latitude and polar studies

Gille S. : Heat and carbon air-sea exchange in the Southern Ocean  application/pdf Gille_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Butterworth B. : Air-sea carbon dioxide exchange in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic sea   application/pdf Butterworth_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Ashton I. : Gas exchange in polar seas   application/pdf Ashton_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Soerensen LL. : Air-sea fluxes of CO2 over a high latitude fjord in Greenland   application/pdf Soerensen_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Session 12 : Wave breaking

Tournadre J. : What can we learn from Ku and C band surface backscatter   application/pdf Tournadre_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016 

Anguelova M. : Parameterizations of whitecap fraction: status update   application/pdf Anguelova_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016

Sutherland P. : Modulation of air-sea fluxes by microscale breaking waves   application/pdf Sutherland_Air-sea-gas_workshop2016